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The dialogue with nature, with its mutability and its aesthetic beauty, characterizes the outdoor art works of the Argentine sculptor: large installations in unusual environments and the search for local materials halfway between land art, environmentalism and spiritual naturalness.

Oscar appropriates both physically and metaphorically the places where his sculptures are born and undertake a close dialogue with the surrounding urban and architectural space.

The theme of the balance between heaven and earth, between emptiness and fullness, makes these installations light and integrates them perfectly into the environment in which they are placed, as if they had always been there.

You get a feeling of enlargement, like being in the presence of almost animated beings from a timeless era, and appearances in space. Vital plastic events, first mental and then three-dimensional and points of confluence of many different energies, are projected into the space and can be contemplated by anyone.

Oscar Dominguez

Via Stecchetti 51 - 48018 - Granarolo Faentino (RA)

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